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What is discipleship coaching and how can it benefit me?

It is an interactive and impactful way of partnering your life, home, community, and our nation with God and all the Trinity offers. Through this process the consumer finds purpose, direction, healing, and abundance in all areas of work and life.

What makes the Sweetspot Mastermind unique compared to other coaching programs?

The Sweetspot Mastermind emphasizes a faith-based approach, comprehensive support, and community oriented structure.

How does your nonprofit initiative contribute to the community, and how can I get involved?

Fulfill Your Legacy provides discipleship, transitional housing, and essential resources for the community Niccie lives in with plans to expand nationally & internationally.

What can I expect from the coaching and support services offered by Niccie Kliegl, Fulfill Your Legacy, and the Legacy Leader Community?

All of our programs and services are met with a commitment to serve as Jesus did - guide as the Holy Spirit guides and is rooted in the Biblical teaching of God and the written Word. Our programs are comprehensive including private and group coaching, a speaker bureau, access to a publishing partnership, and growth for Christian Entrepreneurs.