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The Learning Legacy Book

TRANSFORM YOUR COMMUNITY - The Learning Legacy book transforms communities followed after JESUS

HE DWELT AND SAT WITH, our relationship with the God (Tapping into the Trinity)

HE LISTENED AND SPOKE, the power of our words (Shema)

HE LOVED AND SERVED, humbly and selflessly (Character, The Fruit is our Proof)

HE FREED AND HEALED, now and always (The Great Commission)

HE GAVE AND TOOK, life for death (The Power of the Cross)

HE DIED AND ROSE, so we can live (The Jesus Legacy)

Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.

1 Chronicles 16:8 NIV

life coaching

Choose a Certified Learning Legacy Coach to work with you privately, in a group setting, or in a online community. This powerful community centered coaching program walks you through loving and serving in your community.

business coaching

The Sweetspot & Elevation Masterminds are for Christian Ministries wanting to step into their call as ministry leaders (Sweetspot Mastermind), or ready to next level their ministry in a Christ-like way (Elevation mastermind)

Legacy Leader speaking bureau

The Legacy Leader Speaker Bureau knows the power of the spoken Word. God inspired share the gospel, to speak life over our communities. Through our speaker bureau we are able to help communities find trained CHRISTIAN speakers in all price ranges for all affairs.

Legacy Leader community

The Legacy Leader partner community is a free private space to elevate others spiritually, financially and energetically to advance the kingdom and to leave a legacy of Jesus for the next generation.

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Transforming Communities through Community coaching

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Sweetspot Mastermind

Transforming communities through business coaching

About six years into my spiritual life and business coaching practice and simply stepping into everything and anything I felt God was calling me to, I landed in a place where something had to change. I knew God wanted me to keep working and investing in the talent He'd given me, and I knew He would continue to give me what I needed but I HAD NO IDEA OF THE CRAFTMANSHIP HE WAS DOING IN MY WORK.

He'd been preparing a way for me TO GIVE IT ALL - ALL IN ONE PLACE, no longer being pulled in so many directions. In the summer of 2022 God revealed to me a way to put all of the work I'd been doing into the SWEETSPOT MASTERMIND allowing others to Tap into the Trinity for THEIR WORK AND LIFE.

Mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, the young, old, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders... LEARNING TO STEP INTO ALL GOD HAS CALLED TO. To LIVE God-partnered, to share that LOVE with their family/home, to then go make disciples of men by LEARNING from Jesus and then to help transform our Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Legacy Speaker Bureau

The Legacy Speaker Bureau is the best way for churches & ministry leaders to find excellent Christian speakers













Become a Speaker with the Legacy Speaker Bureau:

If you’re a Christian speaker, getting your own website and dreaming that it might someday generate leads can be difficult. We know. We’ve tried. That's why we created the Legacy Speaker Bureau. Tons of great speakers... all in one place. And all at the top of search engine results!